WTC PUNE is looking for partners for manufacturing LBH coach interiors and seating

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WTC Pune

Indian railways planning to replace ICF coaches with LHB as the base design. One of WTC Pune partner is looking for collaboration for manufacturing LBH coach interiors and seating.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact :WTC PUNE

Niraj Khinvasara

Tel +91 9545050000


SCOPE : • Stainless steel car body with LHB as the base design replacing the ICF coaches • The train set will be tested at speeds of 180 kmph • Train 18 will have continuous windows • Fully air-conditioned train set will have comfortable seats and the interiors will boast of diffused lighting • Onboard WiFi and infotainment • GPS-based passenger information system • These trains will be equipped with automatic doors and the facility of a sliding footstep that will open once the train arrives at the platform • Train 18 will have automatic interconnecting doors and the connecting areas will be spacious for easy movement • a halogen-free rubber-on-rubber flooring, concealed roller blinds for improved aesthetics and better view from the window and continuous energy-efficient LED lighting • zero discharge bio-vacuum toilets with touch-free bathroom fittings • Spacious luggage racks Contemporary seating shall require all new technology driven production of European standard seats with BOM encompassing Foam, Upholstery, metallic snack table, metallic back seat with feature of rotation of 180d, world class aesthetic & comfort, with bunch of wow factors as this would be the first touch point to offer the experience and overall approach to T18 We need your help to find partners in your country

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